01 August 2011

August stats.

Waist: 31.5" (-1")
Hips: 43" (-.25")
Chest: 31.75" (-1.75")
Thigh: 28.25" (first time measure)
Arm: 13.75" (first time measure)

BF%: 32.6%

In the past month, I've lost a total of 3 inches off my body.

I was a little worried, since the scale had barely budged, but these measurements have satisfied me that I'm heading in the right direction. The scale is my least favorite of metrics, but unfortunately, it's the only one that's practical to perform on a weekly basis.

At least I'm not stepping on the scale every day as I did my junior year of college. That led to some seriously unhealthy methods of losing weight and an overall obsession with the scale.


  1. Congrats! I love measurements too - they're a lot more tangible than weight, I think.

  2. I absolutely agree. I've seen photographs and measurement comparisons of women who've gained muscle/lost fat--they're so much slimmer, but often heavier than when they began.

    It does a lot to settle my mind, which might have otherwise been pretty unhappy about my very small loss this month. It might be better for me to just step on the scale once a month instead of each week.