07 August 2011

Don Draper, an indecently lucky man.

I'm a huge fan of the AMC series Mad Men. I especially love Joan (Christina Hendricks), whose incredible body, beautiful face and fantastic style are a constant source of delight and zero-calorie visual candy.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about today.

I'm about halfway into the third season, and I've only now realized that Don Draper is one kinky motherfucker.

Fucking a woman wearing a variety of wigs? YEAH.
Near-public fucking? YEAH.
Jew fucking? YEAH.
Fuck an underaged girl? YEAH.
Watching two kids fuck? YEAH.
Meet your wife in a public place in Rome and pick her up in front of two Roman dudes, then arrange to meet her in your shared hotel room? DOUBLE YEAH.

Well done, Don Draper, you total pig of a man.

Well done.

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